The Blastworks Process

It starts with a game…

At Blastworks we build exciting, engaging games that fit our core audience and incorporate innovative social features. Our market-leading brands reach millions of players around the world and consistently achieve top store rankings.

Metagame Interaction

Blastworks wraps great social games with a layer of interaction that extends beyond the game, delivering more player delight via tournaments, chat, achievements and innovative social-competitive ecosystems.

Blastworks engines power success

The Blastworks platform makes it happen. Publishing, marketing, monetization and data engines work together to drive growth. Our mantra: Deploy fast. Acquire huge audiences. Learn, analyze and personalize. It’s all about maximizing the life and earning potential of each and every game brand we touch.

The Publishing Engine

Blastworks develops game content and publishes it everywhere. We deploy quickly across mobile and desktop platforms to connect the right game with the right audience at the right time.

The Monetization Engine

The monetization engine maximizes the value of our audience. It powers advertising and in-game purchase opportunities that consistently drive revenue.

The Marketing Engine

Success is about scale and optimization. The marketing engine drives player acquisition, retention and cross-promotion to build a large base of players, while also refining how we engage with players.

The Data Engine

Blastworks knows its players. The data engine uses advanced machine learning to deeply understand player behavior, improve gameplay experiences and increase profitability.

Our Technology Partners